About Us

Classic Barbershop experience in Crowborough

Welcome to Strops Barbers, a specialist gentleman’s barbers located in the heart of Crowborough, East Sussex. We are more than just a traditional barbershop that offers standard men's haircuts, beard trimming and kid's haircuts. We are revolutionizing the way men are styled and groomed, bringing together old and new techniques to add the Strops touch! Barbering is a lifestyle and we're here to share it with you. 

Strops Barbers offers you well over 30 years’ barber and men’s grooming experience. We assure you that you'll walk away feeling new and ready to take on the world. We give you more than just a haircut or a trim, we give you an experience, a glimpse into our lifestyle. A place where like-minded people come together, share skills, hone techniques and change the way you view a haircut forever.  Why not book an appointment and pop in to see for yourself. 


Why the name Strops?

'Strops' originated from the name of a traditional barbering tool. A 'Strop' is a leather belt used to sharpen the edge of a cutthroat razor and of course the essential barbering scissors we use so regularly. It was a natural thought process for us to use this as a foundation for naming our new Barbershop brand, as a result, the 'Strops Barbers' you now know today was born.

As Barbers we love the traditional, we love creating something new, but for us simplicity is key. Our vision is simple. To keep you looking crisp, sharp, fresh and above all else, stylish. We will do that using our love and passion for barbering, and ensuring that simplicity and the classics make the modern man shine.

We won’t rush you to a chair, force you pick a cut or style that you don’t want. We will offer you a world-class service, taking the time to assess your grooming requirements, shape your new style and welcome you to our world.

Strops Barbers is starting a Barbering revolution, we want you to join us

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