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At Strops Barbers we not only offer the classics you've come to expect. But we can also consult with you on your style and talk about taking it to the next level. Come enter our doors and let one of our Barbers transform your look. Our prices have temporarily increased to cover the additional cost of PPE. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a ring.


Service Senior Barber
Strops Classic Haircut
(Grade 1 upwards including scissors)
£22.50 (30 mins)
Strops Fade
(0.5 down to a skin fade)
£24.50 (45 mins)
Strops Classic Haircut and Beard Trim
(Grade 1 upwards including scissors) 
£27.50 (45 mins)
Strops Fade and Beard Trim
(0.5 down to a skin fade)
£30.50 (60 mins)
Strops Beard Trim £14.00 (30 mins)
Strops Young Man Classic
(Age 10-16 Grade 1 upwards including scissors)
£18.50 (30 mins)
Strops Young Man Fade
(Age 10-16 0.5 down to a skin fade)
£20.50 (45 mins)
Strops Littleman
(Under 10)
£17.50 (30 mins)
Strops Senior Haircut
(Over 65)
£18.50 (30 mins)
Strops All Over Clipper Cut
(Grades 1-4)
£18.50 (30 mins)
Strops Shoulder Length and Below £27.50 (45 mins)

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Check out the latest cuts on our instagram page, follow us as we share a glimpse into our lifestyle, our cuts and that of other talented barbers from around the world. Barbering at Strops is about more than just hair, it is about the lifestyle! Watch our journey and that of our skilled mens barbers as we revolutionise barbering forever.

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